Melita Maria Szocs
by on September 14, 2019

Life Care's journey is a contemporary "dream come true" story, started by two young brothers driven by a strong desire to promote a healthier & prosperous life around them. After 12 years of market success and 100 million Euro turnover, Life Care business in expanding all over the world and offer a great opportunity to every local entrepreneur to join the team.

Being recognized by the specialized press as "Europe's No.1 BIO & Natural Opportunity" Life Care created a sustainable Direct Sales / MLM business model that deliver happiness to millions of clients.

The product range covers market's actual top 7 needs (beauty, health, nutrition, loosing weight, home care, personal development and income opportunity) and it's composed by 400 exclusive products manufactured in our partner-facilities from Germany, US, France and Austria.

To create a big impact in the market, our global patented product recipes and registered brands are designed and price positioned in order to reach a wide target audience in all mass, mainstream and high-end segments.

Driven by our values: passion, liberty and friendship, we are committed to become in the following 1O years one of the global leaders in BIO, natural and Vegan products for a happy life.

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