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Stephen Hamilton
by on December 6, 2019

When you’re busy with construction projects, events or renovations, there is a great amount of equipment needed to successfully complete the tasks ahead. Tool hire companies are constantly in high demand as people are continuously renovating buildings or constructing new ones. Tool hire companies are often also used by building companies for a number of reasons, some of which will be discussed below. (Information credit - https://buildequip.co.za/about)

The Pros of Hiring Tools

Many construction companies hire tools due to the simple factor that they don’t have to worry about the initial purchasing cost, which is often relatively pricey. Instead of using the money to purchase tools, the business can allocate their financial resources towards other areas of the business. However, tool hire companies need to be able to keep up with the maintenance and repair cost, which can be quite expensive, especially if the upkeep is of the bigger construction vehicles. Even though the various businesses that rent from tool hire companies pay towards repairs and maintenance, it is not nearly as much as what the tool hire companies must pay. When hiring specific equipment from tool hire companies, no money is lost on having to purchase a tool and not using it again. The company or person using the tool can use it and, when needed, rent it again.

Instead of purchasing a range of tools and having to worry about where to store it all, one can just rent whatever tools are required and, when done using them, return them. Tool hire companies typically have the latest products, meaning that you are able to do the relative work with the newest, top of the range equipment, making it much more efficient. New tools have new features that can help a job be done more efficiently, compared to buying the tool and using it to its breaking point. Being able to get equipment from tool hire companies is also quite convenient and saves a lot of time, as tool hire companies usually deliver the tools to the site. Thereby, saving the company that hired the tool valuable hours that can rather be spent planning or continuing the work that needs to be done.


When renting from tool hire companies, there is a possibility of losing money, but, if planned correctly and used efficiently, it will work out to be more affordable in the long run. You save on repair and maintenance costs, as well as reselling equipment. There is also money saved on storage costs, which can amount to quite a lot if there is a vast amount of equipment being stored. Lastly, there is no transportation costs, as the tool hire companies deliver and retrieve it themselves.

Thus, tool hire companies are to be considered when planning on building or renovating buildings. There is also a large variety of top of the range equipment that can be at your disposal, compared to using money on a project specific tool.

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