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Stephen Hamilton
by on December 16, 2019

Aluminium shutters have gained huge popularity these days. People are much more inclined to install aluminium sliding doors and windows for a variety of reasons. These are available in a wide variety of styles and configurations, ensuring they are suitable for different needs. One of the major and exciting benefits of aluminium sliding shutters is an improved visual appeal. Also, they ensure the safety and security of a home. (Information credit - alsysco)

Why Aluminium Shutters are a Good Choice?

Safety from Natural Elements

The installation of aluminium window shutters increases your homes protection from the elements such as rain and wind. Also, it provides shade from the sun keeping your home cool in summer. Irrespective of external temperatures and conditions, aluminium shutters create a comfortable environment inside your home. Whether you want it to be cooler or hotter all you need to do is open or close your shutters.

Ensured Strength and Reliability

Aluminium is a material that is well-known for its strength and resilience. As sliding shutters are often exposed to different external elements, these structures need to be durable. Hence the wide use of aluminium in this application as this metal in corrosion resistant and very durable. In addition, when the strength of the metal is combined with a secure locking system, it provides great protection against potential intruders.

The Restricted Entrance of Light

It is essential to let sunlight enter the home. The installation of aluminium shutters gives you the freedom to control the amount of sunlight entering your home. By adjusting the opening and closing of the window shutters, you can allow the appropriate amount of light that you require.

Sun Controlled Solutions and Sliding Shutter Options

A few aluminium systems manufacturers offer a wide range of high-quality aluminium shutters.

  • Kosi Sliding Shutters are a popular choice, as it controls the entrance of natural light and provides natural ventilation. Theses shutters help in controlling the temperature throughout the year and are also a good security barrier. Such shutters have resistance-to-corrosion and can be kept in good condition with very little maintenance.
  • Elliptical Louvre Blades are also a good option. You can find these in various sizes that include 185 mm and 450 mm. The 450 mm elliptical louvre is an aluminium profile that minimises and simplifies the cost of fabrication and installation.
  • Clip-on louvre is another option of aluminium profile that is designed as an aerodynamically curved profile. The installation procedure of this profile allows an easy louvre spacing. These are available in a wide variety of architectural finishes and colours.    


The installation of aluminium shutters offers great durability and assure great aesthetic appeal to your home. They also help in improving the energy-efficiency of your home. You can add value to the home by installing aluminium sliding shutters.

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