Chana Phifer
by on December 23, 2019
Gear - Within reason, a girl can play badminton in any type of clothing. Badminton is a fairly easy game to learn and fun to play casually and competitively. Basic badminton skills include learning how you hold the racket, serve the shuttle and move your feet. You can practice drills to improve your game. Rules and scoring are established for singles and doubles games. A comfortable pair socks and lightweight badminton shoes that have a good sole for gripping are important. Badminton players should choose shoes designed for badminton instead of trainers or running shoes because badminton shoes have thinner soles. They are more stable, and therefore help to avoid possibilities of injuries. Kidambi Srikanth upsets Lee Chong Wei, Chennai beat Mumbai ...Badminton shoes are designed for badminton movements; a thin but well supported sole with good lateral support keep the player's feet close to the ground, this allows for fast and ankle bending directional changes with lower chance of injury; light weight for faster feet movement; surface hugging gummy soles to grip the indoor surface without slipping. Badminton players Christinna Pedersen and Kamilla Rytter Juhl talk about being in a same-sex relationship and going on the road with their new baby. Badminton is a racket game played by 2 people (singles), but it can also be played by 4 people (doubles). The object is to hit a birdie over the net and into the opponent's court in such a way that it can't be returned. Because it's played with a shuttlecock, competitive badminton is an indoor sport featuring a court 44 by 17 feet and requiring 6.5 feet of clear space alongside each edge. The floor needs to be smooth and is typically wooden or composite. The net sits 5 foot 1 inch high at each end and 5 feet high at the centre. At Strings 'N' Things, we offer a wide range of badminton equipment for sale. Our company is a Yonex authorised dealer selling sports equipment and clothing at great prices. We have a ‘try before you buy' service for rackets, where you can test the rackets before buying. Contact us for free consultation on all equipment. The game of badminton is thought to be approximately 2000 years old. Early versions were played in China, Greece, and India. It strongly resembles a game called Battledore and Shuttlecock, which was played by the British upper class in the 17th century. After mastering your badminton footwork , it's time to learn the different types of shots and when best to use them. Before we begin, it is good to understand the difference between a shot and a stroke. It's not played as much in the United States, partially because there are so many other athletic options and most people grow up playing what they watch on TV. Yet, badminton is the second most popular participatory sport in the world, just behind soccer, and is considered the fastest racket sport. More than 1.1 billion people watched badminton's Olympic debut in 1996, making it the most watched sport at those Games. It's also the only Olympic sport that features women and men playing against each other on the same court at the same time, unlike tennis. Footwork is basic badminton skill that a lot of new players often overlook. But having the right footwork makes the game so much easier as it allows you to cover more ground around the court while using less time and energy. Lateral steps are the best way to move around the badminton court as it allows you to cover a lot of ground and change direction fast, while putting less strain on your knees. By practicing the right footwork, you'll feel that it is easier to recover to hit shuttles that are flying towards the other side of the court. Some basic drills to improve your lateral movement can be very effective in helping train yourself to move around the court better. Source: Basic Soccer Rules For Beginners
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