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Lakshay Tiwari
by on December 27, 2019
Work anniversaries are a special occasion as a family that we have created at work. We spend a lot of time in the office and it is obviously important to celebrate each other’s success just like your own. It is indeed a great feeling to celebrate work anniversaries- creates a sense of accomplishment, a new learning curve, and a fulfillment. But, what do you gift on such an occasion? When nothing else works out, hand them a bouquet of flowers and that will surely do the needful. Bloomsvilla does online flower delivery in Pune so you can make sure you do not rob anyone of the joys of work anniversary. However, here are some ideas that you can use to get adorable yet affordable gifts on a work anniversary.
1.        A Fresh Bouquet of Flowers.
A nice bouquet of flowers always makes for a good gift. Mix up some carnations and roses and lilies and daisies and wrap them in a pretty foil to present it to your colleague. The flowers will signify success in their life ahead and fill their spirits with joy and happiness. Carnations and asters are meant for good wishes and a successful future so it shall be a good idea to include that in your bouquet of flowers.
2. Some Green Plants.
Plants make a great option to gift someone on their work anniversaries and push them for a better and successful future ahead. Work desks look great with a green plant on it and it also sends a message of how responsible and caring you think of them to gift them something so nurturing. If plants seem like too much work to you, then succulents can take their place instead. They need the bare minimum care and looks even more aesthetic.
3. Recognition Awards.
Engrave your message on a block of crystal and hand it out to them as an accomplishment for their contribution to the organization. This particular gift makes a good suit for people who have served the company for a long time and deserve recognition. This will send a clear message of your acknowledgment of their dedication and service towards the company over the years and will thus, live up to its expectations of making them feel acknowledged and special. You could also give a small cup or trophy suggesting their contribution and the designation they are in to make it look even more presentable.
4. A day-off from work.
Any employee must be excited to complete a good number of years of work at a company. What better way to make someone happy for their dedication and service if not by giving a day-off? Everyone likes a day to themselves where they can celebrate with their favorite people the way they like and a paid day-off will just make that possible. So, next time you have someone’s work anniversary coming up, vouch for a day-off for them and make arrangements for a smoother vacation for him by taking up some of their responsibilities on your shoulder if possible.
5. A Formal/Executive Office Bag.
An executive office bag makes for an excellent utility gift. No one can never own enough office bags. They make for an excellent gift because it becomes easier to carry office essentials and they run a long way so every time they put that bag on, they recall the person who gave it to them. To carry daily essentials in a bag that does not only serve the purpose but also a reminder of the dedication and service to the organization makes for a beautiful gift.
So, the next time you are stuck with what to get your colleague on their big day, go for one of these or as many as you would like. These ideas will surely help you hone an appreciation from your colleagues and will also not put a hole in your pocket. If you are still stuck on an alternate gift idea, go for the flower delivery option by Bloomsvilla. You can send flowers to Delhi , Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and other cities. They have a great variety in flower categories and you can easily pick what you and your colleague might actually like. They have an online delivery service so you will not need to go out of your way to get them the flowers.
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