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by on March 10, 2020

Unicorn Network is an operational company of the Unicorn Group of Companies at the moment; it has more than 30 subsidiary companies. and, in future; more subsidiary companies will be added time to time, some of them are online and more are in progress. You can learn on my blog all about the subsidiary companies of the Unicorn Network, as you can see; there are various subsidiary companies already mentioned in my blog like; Safe ZonePerNumWe Share Success and others.

I will keep adding more subsidiary companies as they come with their full functions and visibility so you will be able to read about each and every subsidiary step by step through my blog that; how to take benefit from them.

8 Core Values

The Unicorn Network was founded with the great vision to provide people Security, Privacy, Quality and so on. Please just watch the 1 minute video below and i am going to explain each core value individually in short words so you will understand each core value and will realize that how much the founder of this project care about people of this beautiful planet by providing them these 8 core values.

Watch Unicorn Network’s Core Value video:

  The Unicorn Network is for all people who understand that every human being is unique and that every person has the right to be respected as they are.

Core Value 1 Respect

  At the Unicorn Network we respect your privacy. No data mining, no tracking and none of your data is shared outside of the network.

Core Value 2 Privacy

  The Unicorn Network has the highest security standards. For your safety we have created a safe zone on the internet, free of malware and viruses.

Core Value 3 Security

  Only high quality websites and are allowed to join the Unicorn Network. Even ads are 100% hand-picked. You can easily identify them by our SEALS YOU CAN TRUST.

Core Value 4 Quality

  The Unicorn Network is full of free benefits. Additionally, you are rewarded for your activity on the internet with DEALPoints and CASHPoints.

Core Value 5 Benefits

  Your ideas are welcome at the Unicorn Network. Our members are invited to share their ideas on how to improve our websites and services. That is what we call "The power of WE".

Core Value 6 Influence

  In the Unicorn Network we treat all members like family members. Whenever you need a helping hand or support, someone will be there for you. You are never alone with the Unicorn.

Core Value 7 Family

  In the Unicorn Network we do not forget those in need. More than 10% of all profits are automatically donated to our WAZZUB Charity funds, which is supporting projects all around the world.

Core Value 8 Charity


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