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John Driver
by on January 8, 2021

We often have this notion that if we spend more on some product or service, the results will be more fruitful. In some cases, this might be true, but in digital marketing, you do not always need to invest large sums of money to get a decent outcome. If you plan well enough, you can produce great results. The same goes for link building techniques.

Here are some of the many link building strategies used by companies offering SEO services in Cape Town.

Guest posting on other websites

Guest posting is a great way to introduce yourself to a larger audience that will not only help you to build links, but also gives you exposure. Many bloggers, especially those who are just starting out, think they should post content only on their own website. But if you plan it better, you will realise that guest posting is also another method that ensures you get a new audience along with quality backlinks. There are many websites available that are readily available with guest bloggers.

Collaborating with experts in your niche

One of the smartest strategies is to connect with the experts in your niche and ask them to contribute to your next content piece. If they are mentioned in the post, they will most likely want to share that as well. Another approach you can take is interviewing an expert who is able to share valuable content with your audience. This is a great approach to provide value to your audience and at the same time, it helps you build links when the interviewee shares the content.

Check for broken links

In the ocean of backlinks all over the internet, chances are there is quite a chunk of them that are broken and unnoticed. If you look properly, you can easily find websites in your niche that contain links that redirect to no other page. In these scenarios, if you point these links out to the website owners and provide them with something more valuable to replace them with, chances are, they will easily provide you with a link in return.

Publish testimonials

Publishing testimonials of other businesses can, in turn, be beneficial for you. Any business will share content that is about them. This approach will not only get you some quality backlinks, but also helps you to make a good connection with other businesses.

Posting useful guides

Publishing content that is genuinely valuable for your audience can naturally get people to link to it. In every industry, people look for detailed guides or information that can help them solve their problems. If your content benefits your audience, getting links will not be an issue for you.

Working with a proper budget is always preferable to get quality links, but even if you are tight on a budget right now, these tactics can help you win the game easily.

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