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John Driver
by on January 13, 2021

COVID-19 has made majority of us very self-aware of what we are doing when we are in public, the distance we are keeping from others, being more aware of what we are touching with our hands, and, of course, sanitising on the regular when out in public. There is a lot of things COVID-19 has changed for most of us. Some things include our work life, as people are working remotely, or unfortunately having to find new work. For others, their industries cannot cope with the pressure. An example of this being the hospital equipment suppliers in South Africa. Since COVID-19 hit and the virus spread, causing a global pandemic, hospital equipment suppliers in South Africa and around the world have been working tirelessly to ensure they have continuous stock, to keep hospitals fully prepared.

As we have heard Cyril Ramaphosa say countless times during his address to the nation, our hospitals are filling, drastically, our cases are on the rise, and new hotspots are constantly being identified. Therefore, meaning that the hospital equipment suppliers are having to work overtime to ensure that all hospitals across the country have the hospital equipment required to help. There truly has never been a more pressing time for hospital equipment suppliers in South Africa. However, if we are all to do as we should, by wearing our masks, sanitising regularly, social distancing and avoiding public places unless necessary, we can help to take the pressure off the medical industry.

You might be wondering how many ventilators, beds, and testing equipment kits are being manufactured by hospital equipment suppliers during this pandemic. While the number is of vast significance, it is not the only products that hospital equipment suppliers in South Africa are producing. Before COVID-19 hit us, there were a great deal of businesses who were underprepared to face the effects of COVID-19. This applied especially to business owners, who had to make additional changes to their place of work to make it a safer environment for all involved. Luckily for them, many were able to update their businesses to make the environment more secure thanks to hospital equipment suppliers.

However, one truly unnerving product hospital equipment suppliers had to start manufacturing more of were various kinds of autopsy trays, body tables, and scissor trolley jacks. This is because of how serious the effects of COVID-19 are, which many still choose to brush off their shoulders and deem as a hoax. We already know that the country is currently facing a mutated strain of COVID-19 called 501.V2. We also know that this new mutated strain is much more contagious than COVID-19. Therefore, if we come together now and start doing what we can to help limit the spread of COVID-19 and 501.V2, we can get back to our normal lives, visit our loved ones freely, go to the beach and bottle stores, and stop putting strain on the hospitals, clinics, and hospital equipment suppliers.

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