Stephen Hamilton
by on January 18, 2021

Wondering what happens in a hearing aid clinic? Feeling tense about the crazy stories and those petty fears that people around you have talked about? Let’s help you get in the know about what goes on in a hearing test clinic.      

It so happens that we often tend to think that our life is over just because our hearing ability is bothering us. But No – you do not have to worry so much. A hearing aid clinic can help, it’s just what the doctor has ordered for you! (Information source: The Ear Depot)

Don’t fight against it, embrace it. Hearing clinics are there to arm you for the game of life, especially when it comes to your hearing health. It is you who can win over this. So, if you are worried about your hearing capabilities and have the will to be a better listener, go for a hearing test, and or hearing aid fitting, and let the experts get your life back on track.

You seem to be motivated enough, but there’s still a crow’s feet between those brows. If the reason for that frown is your ignorance towards the processes of getting fitted for a hearing aid in the clinic, then you must read on to be in the know. What you find out, will put a smile on your face.

What Happens in The Hearing Aid Clinic?

If you discover the symptoms of loss of hearing, then you can go through an entire hearing check-up.

  • Examine: This is the very first step of your hearing analysis. This examination is called otoscopic examination, where the expert checks the ear canal of excess ear wax and measures the stretch of your ear canal.
  • Fitting and checking: Some people require ear mold, in such case the mold shall be inserted and taken out several times to help you get adjusted to it. It is done so that you do not face any kind of obstruction or uneasiness later on.
  • Tuning: The hearing aid needs to be tuned and for that, a small tube is inserted into the ear, which is further connected to a microphone and software. This tests the transmitting sound of the hearing aid and checks if there is any further requirement of tuning.
  • Care and adjustment instructions: This is the last but the most important thing to be delivered to the patient because of the whole aid functions for the patient and also on his or her judgment. A hearing instrument specialist would give a thorough demo about the use of the instrument. He will also discuss the do’s and don’ts of the machine. He or she is also supposed to teach you how to open and reattach your hearing aid. In most cases, they help you figure out how to tune the machine too.

All five senses are so important that even diminishing the capability of anyone affects our life immensely. Sound plays a vital role in our overall survival. The hearing aid is a miraculous invention that has helped many people, to get back the sense of sound, who might have never thought that they will be able to hear the world again.

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