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John Driver
by on February 18, 2021

Aluminium extrusion is a specialised process used to shape aluminium into objects with a precise cross-sectional profile. By utilising this method, the physical features of aluminium can be integrated and used, which eventually makes it very compatible and improves its use. South Africa's aluminium extrusion suppliers support their customers by designing and supplying those products. One can experience extrusion in an anodised, mill, or powder-coated finish.

There are several advantages of utilising extrusion and some of the main advantages are listed below.

  1. Lightweight

Aluminium is a lightweight metal, which makes it extremely easy to hold and move, as well as operate with. Lightweight implies less inertia, which saves energy and increases productivity. The use of an extruded section means that you only place the metal where it is required, which further reduces the weight.

  1. Surprisingly Strong

Aluminium is undoubtedly stronger compared to other types of metals. Extrusion significantly increases this intensity, which, on the other hand, increases the ability of the metal to withstand a heavy workload. As such, implementing aluminium extrusion is a good choice for load-bearing applications such as in an aircraft.

  1. Eliminates Welding

It requires experience and skill to make consistently good welds, plus you will also need fixtures and will have to sacrifice some pieces for practice. Conversely, several individual parts that would otherwise be welded together may be replaced by a single piece of aluminium extrusion. You can even build sections that interlock for a faster assembly.

  1. Inexpensive Tooling

In South Africa, the tooling value offered by aluminium extrusion suppliers is shockingly cheap. Thus, designers do not have to limit themselves to the standard shapes. Due to cost-effective custom extrusion, designers can go for complex shapes and designs.

  1. Corrosion Resistant

Aluminium easily reacts to oxygen just as iron does, but in a reverse way. Aluminium oxide forms insulation over the metallic surface, while the iron is weakened by the rust. This resists corrosion, so when you use extruded aluminium parts, there is no need to spend money on costly rust-resistant coating and maintenance.

  1. Aesthetic Value


The extrusion of aluminium enables the metal to be plated, painted, textured, and polished. So, while a designer operates with extruded aluminium, it gives them a wide range of choices when selecting finishes for the aluminium products.

  1. Reuse and Recycle

Many individuals may not be aware that there is a market value for scrap aluminium. This assures that, when your extruded aluminium products reach the end of their life, you will no longer have to dispose it. In fact, those aluminium products would have some value.

  1. Easy to Work

Most grades of aluminium are easy to machine, but with aluminium extrusion, it becomes exceedingly simpler. One can easily cut aluminium extrusion to length with the help of a hacksaw and even drill holes into it. It makes work easier and faster when a display or frame is being developed.

  1. Conductivity

Aluminium extrusions are good conductors of electricity and heat. Therefore, they are highly preferred for use in radiators, electronics, air conditioning, etc.

Contact your nearest aluminium extrusion suppliers for specialised and professional extrusion services.

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