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John Driver
by on May 26, 2021


BSP pipe fittings are more common if you live in the following areas: South Africa, the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Uses of BSP pipe fittings are the same irrespective of the various types that you can see professionals work with. If you live in the United States or Canada, then you are most likely more familiar with an NPT pipe fitting instead of the BSP version of it. Both of these pipe fittings work the same way and possess a very slight difference when it comes to handling. As a standard, BSP pipe fittings are considered the most preferred pipe fitting, having threads with pitch and familiar-shaped peaks and valleys.



If your business requires the use of pipe fittings every single day, then make sure to read the following points on why BSP pipe fittings could be your best match.



Based on the thread type, there are two different versions of BSP pipe fittings available. One is called the British standard pipe taper (BSPT) and the other one is the British Standard Pipe Parallel (BSPP). Both versions of BSP fittings are structurally similar and the only difference can be seen in the BSPT ones, which are tapered, whereas the BSPP threads are made straight. BSP threads are inclined to a 55° angle which makes them easy to install.



BSP-type pipe fittings are much more reliable than their other counterparts, which are predominantly found in the form of NPTs. These can be easily cut onto a pipe of its respective size for a proper fit to seal all sorts of leaks. Professionals are well-aware of the harm in connecting a BSP with an NPT type.



As mentioned earlier, BSP and NPT, or NPS threads of pipe fittings, are not exactly what you would call compatible. That is because the thread forms found in these two types of pipe fittings are quite different. In case someone mistakenly connects these, the pressure-holding capability of the connection is going to be very weak.



Different types of pressure systems require a suitable way of sealing depending on their pressure holding capability. Experts do not take chances when there are concerning obstacles in their way of choosing any particular type of durable pipe fittings. BSPs usually offer the most secure sealing and work best for the oil or gas industry.



Pressure calibration is a tedious task that requires perfection in every aspect to ensure a tight seal, which is impossible to get if a different type of thread is interconnected with another. Even if you must interconnect two separate pipe fittings, then you might need a sealant and adapters to achieve a perfect seal.



BSP is more of an international version, which you can find pretty easily anywhere in the world. This type of pipe fitting is recommended during the transport of liquid, gases, steam, and even hydraulic fluids. Many industries that utilise pressure systems work with BSP pipe fittings as per standard.



The type of sealing system where BSP fittings are utilised is far more efficient, easily available, durable, and convenient to work with in various in


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