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Workbenches are primarily utilized in the industrial factories and laboratories where the employees have to deal with hazardous elements. The workbench offers a separate space for the people to work. It gives ample support and safety where they can complete the assigned tasks efficiently.

But choosing the right laboratory workbench is a tad more difficult than what you think of. The right workbench increases the efficiency of work and creates a secure environment where lab employees deal with chemicals and other hazardous items. (Information source:

You need to ensure that the quality of the workbench is top-notch. There are a variety of options available in the market and choosing the most suitable one is significant. Even though workbenches are versatile in applications, you need to consider the purpose for which it will be used.

Below we’ve enumerated a few factors that are required to be considered to find the perfect workbench for your lab. Keep reading more to find out.

1.    Countertop Material

It is the countertop where you’ll be performing all of your lab work and keeping that in mind the material of the countertop needs to be ideal. There are a few options available when it comes to countertop material and they are – Phenolic Resin, ESD Laminate, Stainless Steel and more.

However, for laboratory work purposes, the stainless steel material is the most fitted. Lab employees often work with hazardous chemicals and an accidental spill over the workbench countertop can not only ruin the work area but also cause potential injury.

A stainless steel countertop is resistant to common chemicals and no harm will be caused because of spills. Also, stainless steel countertops can be easily sterilized, therefore, if your lab work involves testing of blood samples or any other contaminants, you can quickly sanitize the workplace after utilizing the workspace.

2.    Support & Longevity

Workbenches need to provide maximum support especially when it comes to a laboratory workbench. After all, you have to handle different sensitive items and if the workbench is unstable then chances are you’ll be met with an accident.

The lab workbench must be sturdy and stable after installation. Laboratory work projects demands for a high level of precision and an unsteady workbench will disrupt your task. Therefore, it is of high priority that you check the stability of the workbench before purchasing.

But that’s not all, a lab workbench also needs to be durable that can function properly for long years. This is why the best lab workbenches offer a guarantee for longevity as well.

3.    Workbench Size

In order to get maximum efficiency out of lab work, you need to have ample workspace. Therefore, the workbench size is yet another vital consideration for finding the best lab workbench.

Think of the tools and equipment that will be kept on the workbench. Keeping them in mind, choose the dimensions of the workbench. We recommend marking the area where you’ll be installing the laboratory workbench so that you can find the right size.

4.    Mobility

Lab workbenches need to be installed in a permanent area, however, sometimes the lab work demands to move the workspace around. This is why the mobility of the workbench needs to be taken into account to choose the best one.

We recommend looking for lab workbenches that come with handles and wheels. This enables you to move around the workbench from one place to another conveniently.

5.    Height Adjustability

Lab employees often work for long hours on a single project. They spend extended periods on the workbench analyzing, testing the samples collected. This can cause exhaustion as employees have to spend hours working on a project without any movement.

If the workbenches don’t have a height adjustability feature, then it limits the way employees work there. The best laboratory workbench has height adjustability so that lab employees can switch between sitting and standing positions at their convenience.

6.    Customization & Compatibility with Accessories

Installing tools on the workbench increases the functionality of the lab workbench. Therefore, the best lab workbenches are compatible with different accessories. You can easily add or remove accessories to the workbench when necessary.

With the use of accessories, you are able to keep the work area clean and organized. Additionally, the best laboratory workbenches allow you to add customization which further increases the efficiency to work on it.

7.    Storage

The functionality of your workbench will only increase if it has storage space with it. The right lab workbench will not just offer sufficient countertop space but also have storage options.

With the use of storage space, you can keep your stationery items and small work-related equipment. The storage space will give you easy access to things that you may need while working.

8.    Electrical Requirements

If your lab task demands you to work with electrical tools then you need to look for a workbench that has a power outlet. Assess the applications which you might need in your workspace.

Do you require a computer? Or need to plug in any electrical equipment? The best laboratory workbench will fulfil your electrical requirements and boost your work efficiency.

The best lab workbench meets all of the points that are enumerated above. However, depending on the nature of lab work and overall applications, you might require a workbench with more than these features.

We recommend you establish your work area needs before you settle on a workbench to buy. Go with a workbench that gives customization options. Always choose a workbench that comes with a valid guarantee.

With the use of the right laboratory workbench, you will have a safe, organized and efficient workspace. The functionality of your lab greatly depends on the furniture you choose and a workbench is one of the important furniture items that you should carefully think about before purchasing.

Whether you are working alone or sharing the workspace, the overall quality of the workbench needs to be carefully analyzed. There are a few options available in the market, make sure to pick the best one fulfilling your needs.

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