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by on February 16, 2019

How far can you take your business?

It’s an important question to ask yourself, especially if you have big goals for your business.

If you think about it, there are health coaches that make $30k a year and are happy with that; there are those that make $100k a year and are pretty damn pleased with themselves (and so they should be!). And then there are the people who go on to create empires helping thousands of people find better health.

Whether you want to be the health coach next door, the more ‘out there’ health coach with more people reading your blog, or you want to be the next Kris Carr depends on three big factors, because if you think about it, the result that they are all selling IS THE SAME.

Let me make a little caveat here: obviously this depends on having a solid business model, that should go without saying, but let’s say you have a proven business concept, meaning other people have made money doing what you do. How far can you go with this baby?


I truly believe how far you will go depends on:

1. How committed you are to becoming amazing at your craft
2. How committed you are to learning about marketing
3. How prepared you are to put yourself out there

Of course business models change as you reach more people but these are the three factors that determine if you’ll skyrocket into success.

The 3 factors that skyrocket success

Let’s examine these in further detail:

1. How committed are you to becoming amazing at your craft?

If you want to do well, logic dictates you need to be good. And of course, you need to be better than good to be really successful. You can only pull the wool over people’s eyes so long and in today’s socially connected world you likely don’t want to suffer the fallout of not being up to scratch.

If you are committed to investing in your learning, trying new things, getting out of your comfort zone, being the best, it is highly likely that the possibilities are actually beyond your wildest dreams. And I mean that in all seriousness. Think about it. All those people you look up to started in their living room too.

2. How committed are you to learning about marketing?

Being great at what you do is one thing, but unless you know how to draw people’s attention to you you are pretty much stuck. Business is a split between having something amazing to offer and being able to communicate you have something amazing to offer, and often more effort is needed in the second part.

Notice that I did not say, “How good are you at marketing?” because even if you don’t feel very confident in your marketing skills today, it really is a skill and one that can be taught. If you’re looking to take your business to another level, you’re going to either learn to be a great marketer (my preference) or hire someone to do great marketing for you.

3. How prepared are you to put yourself out there?

Ooohhh this is always a thorny issue. It is so hard for us to put ourselves out there. But how far you are willing to go to spread your message will dictate exactly how far it will spread. How much do you care about having the right people who need what you have find you? If you need to build your business confidence, take the steps to do it. It all ties in with your success.

There are ways to be successful without being a rock star, of course. Your vision of success doesn’t have to include being on Oprah. You can market and bill yourself as a “secret weapon” that people have to find out about through referrals to participate in your very high priced offering, but even then, you have to have the confidence to do the work to get to that place.

Like all these factors, this is all about how far you want to take it. Personally I like to take my business one step at a time. I didn’t start off with grand visions of transforming hundreds of people’s lives – I was more thinking about getting my first client. But as time goes on, I see more and more how far I can take this and the reach we can all have online.

If you are committed to all three of these factors, the sky is pretty much the limit in terms of online. Look at Marie Forleo, Tim Ferris, and Brendon Burchard. These are all people who have built empires – but they all started exactly where you are and with the same tools you have.

So how far do you want to go?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below…

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