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Ionut Zapototchi (Admin)
by on March 17, 2019

Hello and welcome !

First i will start with GiffGaff , where each new recruit (that activates and tops up their SIM at giffgaff.com) earns you 500 Payback points .

How does Payback work?

1. Earn points
Each time you do something to earn Payback points (like bringing mates to giffgaff or helping out on the community) we'll add the points to your account.

2. Rack 'em up
We'll send you an update at the end of each month telling you how many Payback points you've earned.

3. Cash 'em in
Twice a year you can convert your points to cash, credit or a donation to charity. We pay these out twice a year, in June and December. Don't worry, we'll email you ahead of time to remind you.

Just so you know, 1 Payback point = £0.01. So 500 points = £5, and so on.

Activation Payback is valid for the first 15 new members you bring to giffgaff. After that you’ll automatically be upgraded to join our Super Recruiter programme . As a Super you have two opportunities to earn up to a total of £22 per new recruit !

If you choose to join my team you will get extra for free from me : 

  •  unlimited support on my own behalf

  •  free construction of a promotion page like this to automate the new business

  • Free access to the next business idea that will bring you about £ 18 for each person in your team (Serious Banking Business)

  • 5 £ gift from GiffGaff on sim card activation 

  • Free access to the third deal where you can  convert 20-30 £ in 100-200£ + 20£ of each person in your team

  • Free premium subscription to our next platform we will lunch soon!

I know that at first impression you will find that there is little money or that it is hard to do. But if you look and watch more closely, the potential of only the fixed amounts for each person you bring in your team will be at least: 5 + 18 + 20 = 43£ / person. 10 people means 430£. I say that it is a good amount especially because the business is guaranteed due to the fact that we collaborate with mobile companies, banking institutions, etc.

To get your sim card free of charge, you must click on the banner below, when you receive it, you will need to activate it by top-up at least 10 £ and you will receive 5 £ gift. Please keep your activation code and username as I will need to verify if you are on my team before providing the benefits mentioned above. If you do not manage to order the sim card yourself send me a private message on this platform with the name and address you wish to be delivered and i will order for you.

You can find me on this platform for any kind of questions. Good luck and hope to decide to join my team!

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