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Now let’s figure out how secure are both backups.

Security threats of on-premises backup solutions The security of your on-premises solution is all on you. Having an on-premises backup is like having all eggs in one basket: you drop it – you crack all of them. It depends on your IT department how strong the protection of your Office 365 data will be, and how to recover in case of disaster.

Here are the possible risks for on-premises backups:

Natural disasters: floods, fires, earthquakes, and other emergencies. The cost of data recovery in this scenario can be exorbitant; Data theft; Administrative errors. Security threats of cloud backup services In the case of cloud backup, all security concerns lay on the vendor’s shoulders. The biggest cloud vendors, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure, have the tightest security and non-stop surveillance. They value their name too much to be careless about security. Also, some cloud backup services are rolling out cybersecurity features like risky third-party apps reviews and ransomware protection. These features enhance data protection even more.

At the same time, Office 365 Cloud Backup eliminates traditional security threats like physical damage thanks to your information being distributed across many servers.

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