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The key to a balanced life is good health. At LifePharm, we believe we have discovered the formula for just that. There simply isn’t a comparable dietary supplement anywhere else. Laminine Formula Laminine is formulated with a proprietary combination of ingredients that are natural and provide the body with all 22 of the amino acids needed for cellular health: Fertilized Avian Egg Extract Marine Protein Phyto Protein The secret weapon in the Laminine formula is called Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF). This compound helps the proper stem cells to restore the body’s organs back to their natural state where they function at their best. Found in the human placenta, FGF gradually decreases over time. That’s when we start to see the signs of premature aging and degeneration. One of The Most Important Laminine Ingredients is Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF). Found in the fertilized avian egg, Fibroblast Growth Factor speeds up tissue healing and improves cellular health. The combination of Fibroblast Growth Factor, amino acids and vitamins in Laminine deliver amazing health benefits. The Proprietary Blend Used in Laminine is Known as OPT9 Each Laminine capsule contains 620 milligrams of OPT9 – a combination of essential amino acids, oligopeptides and glycopeptides. All of these nutrients and microelements can be found in the fertilized avian egg. The OPT9 formula is further enriched through the addition of highly beneficial plant and marine nutrients. "Clinical studies show that Fibroblast Growth Factor has a positive impact on a cellular level, helping the body repair and rejuvenate itself". The Fibroblast Growth Factor In Laminine Has Amazing Health Benefits    Fibroblast Growth FactorLaminine is a powerful health supplement that incorporates Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) to promote the growth and repair of cells within your body. Acting like stem cells, Fibroblast Growth Factor can differentiate into a wide variety of healthy cells which can then be utilized by the body to help repair damaged and dysfunctional tissues. Fibroblast Growth Factor concentrates in regions of your body that have undergone damage. Once here they differentiate into healthy cells of that particular tissue type and are then used by the body to improve the health and function of these problematic regions. This is why Laminine has such far reaching health benefits to ones health. It goes exactly where it is needed most! START YOUR JOURNEY TO BETTER HEALTH WITH THE POWER OF LAMININE The vast majority of people who supplement with Laminine are amazed at their increased alertness, mental acuity, improved energy levels and feeling of wellness. The unique formulation of amino acids, fibroblast growth factor, essential vitamins and trace minerals is taking the health care industry by storm and is reinvented how we look at health. Don’t put of your health any longer! We only have one body and in this day and age it needs all the help it can get. Make the smart decision and reclaim your health and vitality levels today with the aid of this truly remarkable health food supplement. More information HERE
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