Stephen Hamilton
October 19, 2021
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Here are 10 interesting questions to test your knowledge on various types of industrial furniture and their uses. Can you score the highest? Let’s find out! for more info visit

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Which one of the following is a feature provided by Horizontal Laminar Flow Hoods?
Which one of the following is a benefit of using adjustable height tables?
What is the most important factor to look for while buying an industrial lab cabinet?
Which type of light is commonly used in industrial light tables?
Which of the following sectors do not require a light table for daily activities usually?
Which one of the following surfaces is not commonly used in science lab tables?
Pick the type of surface used in science lab tables that remains unaffected after being exposed to Nitric Acid 70%.
The appropriate way to disinfect most lab surfaces is to mix one part of 10% bleach with nine parts of water.
Which one of the following methods is used to sterilize lab equipment?
For horizontal laminar flow hoods, the filters should be changed in every –
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